Why “Redford”? (by my parents)

Is it a family name? Is it for Robert Redford? Will our next son be called “Newman”? Actually it’s just a name that we liked.

We found the name “Redford” in a book of baby names and liked its strong, colorful, adventurous sound. He can be a businessman or a snowboarder ...or both. “Redford” is an Old English (Anglo Saxon) name meaning “from the red fort” or “from the reedy or red river crossing.” And “fox” is an Old English name for, well, fox.

Our other A-list names were: Edward, Ethan, Owen and Sterling, but we wanted to see him before deciding the name, to let him have some input. When he was born, his face looked so similar to that of his sister Ruby that we thought a name beginning with “R” would be nice.

Possible nicknames are: Red, Redd, Reddy, Ford, good looking guy.

Coincidentally, the name is a contraction of the hometowns of Andrew and his father: Redditch and Oxford. And both Robert Redford and David Duchovny (the X-Files’ "Fox Mulder") were born in August. The truth is out there.

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